10 May 2020
May 10, 2020

Work on Clubhouse Resumes

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The club has started the annual painting of the outside of the club house at Kingscote Park, Layton, this week. The usual source of labour has been unavailable this year because of COVID-19 guidance and so club volunteers have stepped in to complete the task. There are some finishing off jobs but we would anticipate that the painting should be completed by the end of next week.

In line with the clubs policy to continually improve the standard of the clubhouse building we have upgraded the Facias at the front of the building, with a plan to go all the way around once funds become available.

Club Chairman, Simon Hornby, commented, “since taking the lease for the building back in 2011 we have continually sort to improve the standard of the building we use as our clubhouse, whilst growing the Rugby League footprint in the area. The rate of improvement is always governed by funds. Till now we have concentrated on the internal improvement of what was a derelict building back in 2011. The upgrade of the facia at the front of the building gives a new look to the outside of the building, at least from the front, and shows our commitment to the venue and the community in which it sits.”