Simon Hornby and Graham Pitman represented the club at the RFL run workshops that aimed to help clubs capitalise on the success of last years world cup by increasing participation numbers in our sport.World Cup

Sixty six clubs have participated in the “Welcoming Clubs Workshops” that are tapping in to the massive interest in becoming involved in the sport since the 14-nation tournament kicked off in October 2013

.RFL Director of Participation and Strategic Partnerships David Gent said: “The passion within our community clubs is incredible and we wanted to build on this.

“The aim of the workshops was to offer an environment where volunteers and coaches could learn how to better engage with their local community, discuss ideas and gain practical advice on ways to drive club recruitment and participation, both in, and out of, season.Extra Ordinary

Blackpool Stanley were one of the sixty-six clubs to have participated in a “Welcoming Clubs Workshop” and chairman Simon Hornby feels his club gained huge benefits.

“The workshop allowed us to share ideas and learn from other clubs’ experiences,” said Hornby.

“It reaffirmed our belief that winning in terms of club success is not just about results on the field but about creating the right environment for new participants to come along and join in at whatever level (playing, volunteering, officiating) they choose.

“It has recharged our enthusiasm to develop our strategies for growth. The content of the course is designed to remain relevant, and inspiring, long after the close of the tournament.”

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