WP_20180503_001This week saw the delivery of a new tractor mower to the club. The tractor has been purchased with funding received from the SUEZ trust. The mower will be used to cut grass in areas of the park not currently cut by the council and allow more sport and community activity to be organised throughout the summer.

The club is keen to work with local community groups to increase usage of the park. Simon Hornby, Chairman Blackpool Stanley, commented “since we moved our playing pitch from Stanley Park to Kingscote, alongside our club house, we have always struggled to get the council to cut more grass than just the rugby pitch. We now have the ability to cut beyond the white line so that spectators aren’t having to stand in long grass and there is sufficient run off areas for the players”.

The club intends to cut another 16′ either side of the pitch for spectators and run off , and to cut two new grassed training areas, one adjacent to the pitch and one at the rear of the club house.

Hornby added “it is important for the sustainability of the club that we forge strong community links at Kingscote Park. Whilst cutting grass isn’t our core business and arguably we shouldn’t have to do it, our pragmatic approach means that we are now able to cut some grass and open up areas of the park for more community use”.