19 Apr 2020
April 19, 2020

Spectator Standing Improvements

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Volunteers at the club have been working over the last couple of weeks to improve the spectator standing area on the Kingscote Drive side of the pitch. There have been a number of trees and shrubs that have encroached towards the pitch over recent years, not only reducing the area available for spectators to stand on that side of the pitch but also reduce run off areas for players during matches.

Volunteers have removed much of this unwanted growth with a long term plan of being able to rope off the spectator area with a 3m run off area between the touch line and spectators on that side of the pitch.

Some of the shrubs, now removed, had established roots in to the field drains on that side of the pitch and would ultimately have reduced the effectiveness of those drains. Hopefully this work, once complete, will ensure the continued effectiveness of the pitch drainage and mean greater safety for both players and spectators on match days.

Club chairman, Simon Hornby, commented “we have been planning to do this work for some time and the unexpected break has allowed us to complete it with due regard to social distancing rules at this time. Ultimately we would like to establish a permanent rail between the spectator area and the players run off area but we will need council support in order to do this. In the interim we will use a temporary barrier between the two on match days”.