08 Jun 2019
June 8, 2019

Salford Withdraw from Division 5

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Salford City Roosters A have withdrawn from the NW Mens League Division 5. The second team of the old Eccles club have failed to fulfil many of their fixtures since the start of the season and have decided to withdraw from the schedule of fixtures in Division 5. The club will aim to pick up fixtures in the merit league when they are in a position to field a team.

As the team have failed to fulfil 50% of the seasons fixtures their record and results will be expunged from League. This includes the fixture that was forfeited by them when they were due to play Stanley earlier in the season.

Our best wishes go to the Salford Club and the volunteers they have and we hope they will be able to field an A team on a more regular basis in the not to distant future.

The withdrawal of Salford means that the club do not have a scheduled home game until late August when we are scheduled to meet Newton Storm at home. We will, however, be aiming to arrange some friendlies during the six week summer break.