Portico Vine u15 14 Blackpool Stanley u15 16

Date 07/06/2015
League Under 15s League 2015

Blackpool Stanley u15s v Portico Vine u15s In every episode of The A Team four former members of a commando unit would find themselves locked in some bandit’s shed surrounded by some disparate pieces of heavy equipment that they would use to fashion a working military vehicle and blast their way to safety. Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith would smile, light a big cigar and “love it when a plan comes together”. And that’s what being a Stanley coach felt like when many weeks of training finally came together and the Stanley boys took victory in Portico territory.

In what was probably their most coherent and fluid performance this season, Stanley’s mix of newcomers, returnees, and more experienced lads were their very own A Team, ready to clear their name after some difficult recent games where they were most definitely punished for crimes they did not commit. This Sunday’s episode saw returnee, Danny Siddal in the role of Smith, commanding the pitch, taking one try and two conversions.

Matt Webster, like Faceman, was getting his own way, charming those around him and taking two tries for his efforts. Ben Hindley, was Murdock, able to fly and shoot down any foe. And Stanley’s BA Baracus, was Sean Craven, adding some muscle and assists. There was plenty of firepower from others too. Nathan Winter, Olly Tribe, Harry Trask each taking their shots at the defence. The cannons were set off with the ever dependable Connor Willis, Matty Stelfox and Danny Stretton pounding their way forward in the search for yards. And why not chuck in a few grenades for good measure? Dean Harding, Jordan Hindley and debutant Ross Swarbrick, each blasted and boomed their way through no mans land. But who could have anticipated the dramas which unfolded as our soldiers of fortune steadfastly and resolutely played out the roles for which they had trained.

Once again, we saw Phil Hardy-Dearness, George and James Guy, sensing the honour of wearing their uniform and standing up to each challenge this battle could throw at them. But of course, no episode of the A Team is complete without a bit of drama and tension. This was not going to be a massacre and Portico were shooting back with everything in their Arsenal. But in the A Team bullets went everywhere and no deadly shots were ever fired. And that’s how it was in PortIco. A thoroughly engaging hour passed by before the theme tune played, the final credits rolled, and the score was settled at 16-14.

Tries: Matt Webster (2) Danny Siddal (1) Conversions: Danny Siddal (2)