17 Jun 2021
June 17, 2021

New Draught Beer Supplier

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The club is pleased to be linking up with Joseph Holts of Manchester for the supply of draught beers to the clubhouse bars. Most of the draught beers at the club will now be purchased via Holts, including the popular Strongbow Dark Fruits and Carlsberg Lager.

Tetley Bitter will be replaced with Holts Smooth and the club will also introduce Holts Crystal Lager as an extra option for the lager drinking members. Pricing of both lagers will, as always, reflect the cost to the club of the barrel and wastage.

As part of the arrangements with Holts they will also support the club with events and look to promote both brands, Holts and Blackpool Stanley, wherever they can.

Chairman, Simon Hornby, commented,  “In taking up this arrangement with Holts, we are taking up the opportunity to buy directly from a brewer rather than a wholesaler whilst still being able to provide other none Holts brands at a market competitive price. The additional support we will receive from Holts for events as well as the competitive pricing means the decision to move provider was a bit of a no brainer for us”.