16 Oct 2013
October 16, 2013

Merchandising Link to O’Neills

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O.NeillsA link has been established from our own club website to O’Neills Sportswear site where Blackpool Stanley merchanising can be purchased directly from the supplier. Hoodies, T-Shirts and Polo Shirts are still available directly from the club but additional items not previously available are now advertised with club logo on the O’Neills site including replica shirts, boot bags, beanie and kit bags.

Club Chairman, Simon Hornby, commented ” Previously the club had had to speculate over what types and in what quantities merchandising would be requested by club members. Most suppliers also insisted on minimum orders (say 10 or even 20) of the same item which meant long waits for members keen to get their new merchandise. Having done this, several times in the past we were often left in a situation where the club held stock items that usually ended up being sold cheaper than they were bought. This has proved to be a waste of club resources and we are hopeful that the new arrangement will prove a better proposition for the club and offer a wider range of club merchandise to our members than has previously been possible”.

To access the Blackpool Stanley merchandise on the O’Neills site follow the link on the shop page of this website or the link below.