28 Apr 2021
April 28, 2021

Lotto Bonus Draws Are Back

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With the restarting of home games the club is able to re-introduce the popular quarterly Bonus Draws.  Club members will remember that in addition to the monthly lotto draws where cash prizes are on offer the club also conducted regular bonus draws every quarter. A separate draw was made each quarter at home games and the winners needed to be in/at the club at the time of the draw to claim their prize. If a members lotto number is drawn in the bonus draw and they aren’t at the club at the time of the draw then the draw is redone until a winner emerges

The first lotto bonus draw of the year will take place after Saturdays friendly against South Ribble. Bonus draws will then take place on the next 4 home games. This will allow the club to catch up with bonus draws missed during the lockdowns. Key to all members if your number is drawn during a bonus draw then be in the club to claim your prize.

The standard monthly draw for April will take place on Saturday 1st May 2021 in addition to a Bonus Draw.