Higginshaw u15 30 Blackpool Stanley u15 6

Date 26/04/2015
League Under 15s League 2015

Fast and Furious! That’s how one spectator described this Sunday’s game. And like that seven film franchise, there was a certain predictability in the plot. Stanley’s usual band of 12 renegades lined up to face a full Higginshaw squad. Then the starting whistle went and the Higginshaw lads revved up and switched on the nitrous.

 The speed of play was immense and whilst four balls went past Stanley and down beyond the try line, so many more chances were denied. Last week’s defensive training clearly bore fruit. Stalwarts Danny Stretton and Dean Harding along with returnee Cameron Bullen, were like a three man Agent Hobbs ready to chase down each fugitive who dared to step foot in their jurisdiction.

Stanley had some chances in attack too, but just couldn’t capitalise on the gift of various handling mistakes and forward passes by their adversaries. A late off-load from Sean Craven found the fingertips of winger Phil Hardy-Dearness who was then bulldozed into touch just by the corner flag. Hooker, Oliver Tribe managed to scoop up a dropped ball only to be met by a solid blue wall of forwards. Even the juggernaut that is Jordan Hindley was repeatedly hijacked short of the points.

But then came the sequel. Just like the first episode, but with a slight plot twist. A half-time tune up had Matt Webster running on all cylinders and Stanley in the points. Eight, in fact. Perfectly weighted conversions from Nathan Winter changed the dynamic completely. Ben Hindley and Harry Trask repeatedly carried the ball into Higginshaw territory and the force of Connor Willis steamrollered ever onwards. Only a gap in the defensive line, in part due to the player deficit, prevented Stanley owning the entire second half.

So what if the final score was 30-12? Based on the second half it would be rude not to paraphrase the late Paul Walker: “Dudes, we almost had you”…….

Try Scorers: Matt Webster (2)
Conversions: Nathan Winter (2)