21 Mar 2015
March 21, 2015

First Competitive RL @ Kingscote

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The club welcomed Blackpool Masters to Kingscote Park on Sunday morning for a game of touch rugby against a selection of youth players, mainly from the under 18’s squad.To Kingscote Drive 1 The teams played a game of 9 a side touch rugby which proved beneficial to all those involved.

Chairman, Simon Hornby, commented ” we have waited a long time and put in some considerable effort to get to this moment. It has always been our desire to have all our activities, be it playing, coaching, training or socialising centred on a single location and today represents a final piece of the jigsaw. We have learnt a lot from the day and particularly the need to recruit more help with the pitch and clubhouse, two areas we haven’t previously needed to resource having relied on the council for pitches and Blackpool Cricket Club for hospitality”.

The club are now in a strong position to support games at the venue. The pitch held up well to the action given the amount of rain it had soaked up during the lead up week and the history for flooding at the park. Undoubtedly, there is room for improvement in the condition of the playing surface but it is certainly good enough for a intensive season of youth team games expected this season.

To Clubhouse 1Simon added ” it was good to have the Masters involved in this first event on the pitch. Not only did it allow us to trial run our procedures but it meant we could share a beer with some old friends, get their feedback and reminisce about former glories (and then we woke up!)”.