26 Apr 2020
April 26, 2020

COVID-19 Update

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At these unprecedented times the club finds itself closed and unable bang the rugby league drum. Whilst we have closed down most of our expenditure we have fixed costs that need to be covered whilst we prepare to return.

We hope that we will be back playing soon and all back together, however, in the meantime I would ask anyone whose enjoyed time at the club over it’s long history to get behind the fund raising initiatives that we are engaged with. Every penny will help see us through this difficult time.

The 5000 mile Lockdown Challenge is still active and the players are working hard every day to meet that 5000 mile target but we have some way to go to hit the £2000 target, £1000 of which will be shared with the NHS. I know that money must be tight in many households but would ask that you consider supporting the initiative with a contribution if you haven’t already. To help assure our future click on the link below.


For those of you who haven’t joined our club lotto, we are still running the lotto and offering monthly prize draws, a fiver a month helps secure the clubs future and gives those participating the opportunity to win cash prizes. See the website for more detail on how you can join the lotto.

Thank-you, Stay Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives. Up Up Stanley!!!!!!!!!!!!