The RFL has launched a Community Game Raffle. The tickets are available from 5/6/21 and the draw will take place after the Challenge Cup Final on Saturday 17th July 2021.

Tickets cost £5 with 70% of every ticket going to the community club nominated when the ticket is sold. Tickets can be purchased online.

There are a number of prizes are available in the national draw including match tickets – see website. Each ticket purchased will generate a £1 prize pot for the community club nominated and each club will have a winner of the final amount. So, if 100 tickets are sold nominating Blackpool Stanley, £100 will be available in a draw from those 100 tickets, the club will also receive 70% of the £500 (£350).

Please support the Community Game and your club by buying a ticket and nominating Blackpool Stanley.

Click on the logo for more info