Rugby League Club 100% ME Anti-Doping Policy

Blackpool Stanley Rugby League Club acknowledges its responsibility to promote drug free Rugby League.

1       The key principles of the RFL 100% ME Anti-Doping Policy are to:

  • Uphold and preserve the ethics of Rugby League
  • Safeguard the mental and physical health of players.
  • Ensure that all players have the opportunity to compete equally.

2       We acknowledge that so called performance enhancing substances and social substances carry health risks, and we will endeavour to inform our players of the associated risks.

3       We acknowledge that all Rugby League players have to abide by the Operational Rules, and as such may be tested by UK Sport.  We also acknowledge that doping is an offence and may be punishable by a suspension of up to 2 years for a first offence.

4       The Rugby League Club will ensure all of our players are aware of this policy and the endorsement that the club has given.

5       The Rugby League Club supports the RFL’s Anti-Doping Whistle Blowing Policy.  This club will report any allegations of anti-doping to the RFL.

6     Further advice on Anti-Doping matters can be obtained from:

UK Sport –

100% ME –

Talk to Frank – 0800 77 66 00 –

The RFL Anti-Doping Team can be contacted on 0844 477 7113 Option 6 or by emailing to or writing to the Anti-Doping team at the RFL, Red Hall, Red Hall Lane, Leeds, LS17 8NB.  General advice is available at