24 Jan 2018
January 24, 2018

Club Secures SUEZ Funding

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Funding Boost for Blackpool Stanley Rugby League Club

Blackpool Stanley Rugby League Club is today celebrating a £9,414.00 funding boost from SUEZ Communities Trust (formerly SITA Trust) for the Ground Improvements to Kingscote Park Blackpool.

Since 2013 the club has played its home games at Kingscote Park which is the second largest public park in Blackpool. The club have struggled at times to play games due to the pitch becoming waterlogged during heavy downpours. With the installation of additional drainage to the Nethway Avenue side of the park the pitch will benefit and become more playable throughout the year, particularly at the extremes of the rugby league season when the weather is wetter and reduce the amount of postponements at those times

The funding also included an element to enable the club to purchase a tractor mower which, through the help of volunteers will be used to maintain the rugby pitch and other areas of the park which have suffered following council cut backs caused by central government budgets cuts.

The remaining sections of the park which are not currently maintained  will also be but by the clubs volunteers and make more land available for other users such as children and dog walkers, and we are looking to mow a larger surrounding area of the pitch to allow more room for player run off and standing area for spectators.

What we want to do through with this project is as follows:-

1) insert drainage into the park, to allow for better use of the land.
2) establish a second pitch for use by both the rugby league club and other sports clubs.
3) purchase equipment such as a tractor / lawnmower, to maintain the area for all community members.

Simon Hornby, Chairman of the club said “We as a club are delighted to have been awarded the funding. Not only will it help our own goals and help increasing participation at our club but also help the local community to utilise the park”

Marek Gordon, Chairman of SUEZ Communities Trust added “SUEZ Communities Trust provides funding awards through the Landfill Communities Fund. This important source of funding has been available since 1997 and has provided such worthy projects with more than £1.4 billion. We were delighted to be able to offer funding to Blackpool Stanley Rugby League Club.”