Club Lotto

The club has established a monthly draw to raise money for club development.

Members wishing to join the draw (Lotto) pay £5 per month to enter the monthly draw.

The money can be paid either via direct debit or as a lump sum of £60 for the whole year.


Each member joining the lotto will be allocated a number which will be entered in to a monthly draw to be held in the club house at the end of each month.

There will be three prizes each month 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the numbers drawn. Total prize money will equal 60% of the total takings on the lotto. So, for example, if there are 50 numbers allocated then the total prize money for that month will be 50 x £5 = £250 x 60% = £150 meaning 1st prize will equal £75, 2nd prize will equal £50 and 3rd prize will equal £25. As more members join the prize money each month will increase.

Members can purchase more than 1 number at a cost of £5 per number.

None members can also join the Lotto, at the same £5 per month as a member and by joining the Lotto none members will automatically become members of the club and benefit from Members tariffs on bar prices and club events, merchandise etc.

To join the Lotto and help raise club funds, which will go directly in to developing Rugby League on the Fylde Coast, contact a club Official.

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