Blackpool Stanley u15 32 Wigan Spring View u15 40

Date 06/09/2015
League Under 15s League 2015

After a break for the summer Blackpool Stanley returned to face Wigan Spring View on home turf.

 Straight from the off Wigan were putting points on the board, with the score at half time 30 to Blackpool’s 4 points scored by Sean Craven. A disappointing first half from the home side. But enough about the first half and on to the second half. With a half time team talk and a swift kick up the… touch line… from the coach, Blackpool came out swinging. Matt Webster gave Blackpool their first try of the half, scoring right between the posts, making for an easy conversion by Nathan Winter. Wigan returned the ball to Blackpool from the kick-off, straight into the awaiting hands of Jordan Hindley who barged his way through an entire Wigan defence to score another try between the posts. Again converted by Winter.

 Wigan tried to claw back but were met by a strong team defence. Escalating pressure from Blackpool saw George Guy and Sean Craven both dive over the line for tries. Both skilfully converted by Nathan Winter. With the final whistle immanent, Daniel Stretton ‘super-manned’ his way over the try line in the far corner, much to Wigan’s annoyance.

The second half finished with a dominant 28-10 score line to Stanley. Despite it not being enough to win the war the battle was most definitely won! An overall outstanding team effort with Blackpool heads held high.

 Tries – Craven (2), Webster (1), J Hindley (1), G Guy (1), Stretton (1)
Conversions – Winter (4)