Blackpool Stanley u15 0 Portico Vine u15 56

Date 30/03/2014
League Under 15 boys 2014

Around 20-30 in the crowd and the game commences.

In the first few minutes of the game Stanley look promising with a handful of strong runs from McCrory and Joel Diss. However; 5 minutes into the game and Portico score their first try of the day with a long and seemingly un-challenged run from the 30 yard line.

Portico continues to hit Stanley hard with multiple tries and conversions thanks to their loose forward. Stanley retaliates with some well executed charges, which Portico doesn’t seem ready to defend, but possession is lost near the try line and the tries remain nonexistent for them.

Portico further extend their lead with more tries, one of which involving 3 separate kicks that are chased down by their forwards but never picked up by Stanley’s back row.

McCrory once again remains strong and determined to succeed despite the extending lead from the away team, but just can’t make it onto the scoring ladder.

The second half begins after a tough team talk from Stanley’s coach; Joe Birch delivers some superb ground stopping tackles.

Around 10 minutes in and Portico’s number 20 is hit hard and the clock is stopped, no serious injuries but the player is sidelined for a brief moment.

Stanley seems to be giving 100% in the second half yet no tries are made. The teamwork is lacking but individual talent is rife.

Portico’s number 13 scores his 5th try of the game after smashing through Stanley’s lines, putting the score to 42-0. Briefly afterwards, he features again this time making a sterling run followed by an act of pure selflessness as he passes the ball to a fellow player as the try is scored.

The game ends 56-0 to Portico with the man of the match being Portico’s loose forward, number 13.