Blackpool Stanley u15 20 Portico Vine u15 28

Date 10/05/2015
League Under 15s League 2015

What have the finest comedy duo to come from Rotherham and this Sunday’s game got in common? Well, one has the catchphrase “to me, to you” and that perfectly sums up the proceedings at Stanley’s Kingscote Park home ground with the teams taking turns to possess the ball and score.

When the starting whistle went. “Right. Off you go then!” Paul Chuckle would have said. And ten minutes in Stanley were in the driving seat. Jordan Hindley stormed through the Portico defence gleefully popping the ball down between the sticks. This was easily converted by Phil Hardy-Dearness, who was standing in for the injured usual kicker, Nathan Winter. But Portico were soon back on the offensive to level the score. “Oh dear, oh dear!” we may have heard Barry Chuckle say.

This week there were New Faces! Greg Ogjogua, plus brothers James and George Guy all pulled on a Stanley shirt for the first time. They were straight to work (and with no slacking!). Sturdy defensive play from the Tonka-Tough Sean Craven and the formidable pairing of Dean Harding and Daniel Stretton stopped the visitors taking control. It was just two extra conversions from Portico that left the half time score at 18-14 in favour of the visitors.

Opportunity Knocked in round two, when a Portico kick on the fifth found the hands of Jordan Hindley. Taking the ball the length of the pitch, he was held up just short of making his fourth try of the day. But the Gazelle-like Harry Trask was in support and ready to receive a popped pass and secure the points. Another conversion had Stanley back in front! “Now look what you’ve done” the Chuckles might have have cheered!

Portico weren’t ready to give up though and after being held up and pushed back from the try line numerous times, they managed to put the ball down. It didn’t look like a try…..”It isn’t. It isn’t, is it?” Barry Chuckle might have pondered. But it was. And Stanley had some work to do. Winger, Matt Webster, made a run but was pushed into touch. Connor Willis powered forward. And Ben Hindley found himself held up by a brace of Portico lads.

But then a knock-on put the ball back in the hands of Portico. Eventually breaking through the Stanley defence meant six more points for Portico.   But, as with every episode of Chucklevision, the end had to come far too soon. Despite the best efforts of Olly Tribe, Matt Stelfox, Cameron Bullen, Harry Kenyon, and the rest of the squad, the whistle went with the final score at 28-20 to Portico.

Try Scorers: Jordan Hindley (3) Harry Trask (1)
Conversions: Phil Hardy-Dearness (2)