Suez 1The club witnessed the installation of some much needed additional drainage on the eastern side of the pitch this week (wc 10/9/18). Contractors Duncan Ross from Burscough completed the works which will help with drainage to the eastern side of the existing pitch and also allow the club to open up the land to the east of the pitch with the long term intention to have a second pitch established.

Money for the works was raised through a successful funding application to SUEZ, see news story 24th January.

Club Secretary, John Gill, commented “if the new drain performs as well as the one we had installed in 2014 on the western side of the pitch then we should see a massive improvement in the ground conditions at pitch level.

The club intends to install more drainage to the east of the pitch to assist further with the removal of surface water to the Grange Road end of the pitch which accumulates over the winter months. Simon Hornby, Club Chairman, commented “we will be working with Duncan Ross our drainage partners over the coming weeks to establish the best and most cost effected method of achieving a well drained surface to the Grange Road end of the pitch”.Suez 3

Thanks of the club go to those who supported the funding application to SUEZ, namely the two ward councillors, Kath Benson and Martin Mitchell, The friends of Kingscote Park Group and F.C Rangers for supporting letters.

Suez 2