2021 Teams

The club entered a team in Division 5 of the NW Mens League in 2021.

The club also managed to field a second team in a number of fixtures in the NW Mens Merit League

The club did not enter any youth or junior leagues in 2021.

The 2021 season was shortened due to the impact of COVID 19. The NW Mens League Division 5 was split into two part NW Mens Division 5 North and West and NW Mens League Division 5 North and East. Each division has a reduced number of 8 teams. There were no cup games played in 2021.

The League management group facilitated the postponement of games for a wide range of reasons (Not always COVID related) and this resulted in no teams in Division 5 North and West completing their fixture program, despite the overall number of fixtures per team being less than a normal season. The league standings were calculated on the basis of win percentage.