Stanley Help Launch New RFL Monthly News Letter

The club recently featured in a new newsletter published and distributed to community clubs by the RFL for the first time in April 2014

The monthly newsletter is to be sent out to key contacts at community clubs to make sure they’re bang up-to-date on important news, information and opportunities relevant to there clubs.

RFL National Clubs Manager, Dan Steel said “The newsletter will be circulated on the last Thursday of every month. It is designed for the officials that run the club, rather than coaches or players, and will include information and relevant news which spans across all aspects of running a community club”.

The initial edition featured articles on changes to clubmark, the promotion of primary RL and Inspired Facilities along with others. Blackpool Stanley featured in the inspired facilities article

Blackpool Stanley successfully applied for funding:
The Blackpool Stanley Clubhouse was taken over by the club after previously being owned by the local authority who were on the verge of demolishing the site due to disuse and vandalism.

DSCF1276The club stepped in to run the building on a 21 year lease, applied for Inspired Facilities funding in 2012 and were awarded a fantastic £50k towards renovation.

A major part of the work included installation of a heating and hot water system that uses ground heat to dramatically reduce energy bills, plus a refurbishment of the clubroom, changing rooms, toilet facilities and new kitchen.

Club Chairman, Simon Hornby said: “Inspired Facilities funding has enabled us to renovate the clubhouse building to bring it back into full use. The decision to invest in renewable energy for central heating and hot water means our utility bills are around 10% of the normal cost of using a traditional central heating system. This helps secure the financial future of the club without having to worry about driving income over a bar or other forms of club income, and means we can concentrate on the thing we love, getting people playing rugby league”